Earth without Art

“EarthArt” by Rod McRiven (click to enlarge)

Earth without art
Language is informational.
Speech is functional.
Sound is vibration.
Movement is change in position.
Wind is agitated air.
Landscape determines place.
The sun is a thing up there.
The moon is a lamp.
The stars occupy space.
Bodies are meat.

Your thoughts, what are they?
What happens to your soul when it isn’t fed?

Are you already dead?

© Rod McRiven 2022

Buy this work.

“The Earth without Art” By Rod McRiven. A one-off original work 1.495 mtrs high by 0.841 mtrs wide printed in Fine Art Chromaluxe on aluminium and mounted on European white beech wood. Deep lacquered. Fine Arts Guild Certificated. £6,500

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