“@urflings” by Rod McRiven and Gerd Altmann (click to enlarge)

What would a god think of the human race today? Any one of them from the pantheon of gods born of human imagination since our history began.

In life, most people suffer trials and challenges whether imposed by political leaders, predatory corporations, alien viruses or the circumstance of being human and living in the 21st Century, the impact of both internal and external afflictions affects each of us differently though, it must be said, rarely positively.

In the United Kingdom, this is a time of significant transformations in civil liberties. There is an ever-tightening stranglehold on individual freedoms which not only brings hardship to us now but will do so for many generations to come. We all know that we must act collectively to stop the madness and yet a growing mass of people choose isolation. To hide their true selves behind a self-constructed persona. To observe rather than participate. To comment through third parties on social media rather than physically engage. In less than 100 years, the simple act of agreement or validation for an idea or a way of living has passed from a hearty slap on the back followed by a firm handshake to a blue tick against a made-up name. Emotions are reduced to emojis.

If our civilisations are to be remembered, we must survive as human beings.

© Rivenrod 2022

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“@urflings” By Rod McRiven and Gerd Altmann. A one-off original work 1.495 mtrs high by 0.841 mtrs wide printed in Fine Art Chromaluxe on aluminium and mounted on European white beech wood. Deep lacquered. Fine Arts Guild Certificated. £6,500

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