Seven Lamps: The near future

Civilisation in Britain is declining.

It will continue to do so without radical systemic change. The question is, what do people want living in Britain to look like?

We must redefine and reorganise social order for the benefit of every citizen – Democracy, Accountability and Equality, Emancipation of Communication, the Enemy Within, and Revolution.

Democracy: Democracy has not been the antidote to exploitation it was intended to be.

In its earliest manifestation democracy was created to safeguard the masses against the excesses of rich and powerful individuals and organisations. Since its maturation in the late 1800s and onwards into the 21st Century, like the “religion industry” of old, democracy has increasingly been seized upon to validate discriminatory ideologies under the pretext of being endorsed by the popular vote. Clearly, when 71% of enfranchised citizens in the UK did not vote for the incumbent Conservative government in 2019, this is a spurious claim. (ONS figures).

Accountability and Equality under the Law: These are the foundations upon which democracy was conceived. They are the bedrock that enables democracy to function and yet these principles have become anathema to politicians charged with a duty to protect them. In fact, many in public office have developed a taste for lying, divisiveness, coercion, and fraud. These failings are nothing new, however, their practice has become more blatant and aggressive, largely because there is little or no effective retribution.

Communication and Tech Media: Technology has not reduced the pressures of work or contributed to social inclusion. In fact the reverse is true; in spite of astonishing technological advances, we are experiencing significant regressions in personal freedoms. In recent decades, the development of high technology has accelerated, especially in the fields of biotech, quantum dynamics, pharmacology, AI/robotics, and energy generation, harvesting and storage. Simultaneously, communications systems have advanced exponentially, instantly connecting people all over the globe, proliferating ideas, and activism. However research has shown that even with unprecedented access to personal technology, it is making only minor or short-lived differences to the quality of people’s lives.

All these social platforms and networks are financially driven through privately controlled organisations. Despite their laid-back image, they still operate firmlywithin the Capitalist framework.

The enemy within: The UK Government acts as an inhibitor rather than an enabler.

Party politics promotes progressively retaliatory ideologies, often vindictive, with the result that, generally speaking, every one of the main party’s outlook has become narrow, detached, unrealistic and elitist. These characteristics not only threaten the democratic political process but directly impact the lives of men, women and children, particularly in topics relating to immigration, welfare and response to national emergencies (COVID, poverty, inequalities etc.). People, not money, should be at the heart of every Government decision it makes on behalf of UK citizens. Appalling and offensive policies go unchallenged due in part to ineffective Parliamentary opposition. Without proper representation by constituency MPs, a growing number of people are taking matters into their own hands and, as a result, we are witnessing strikes and large-scale but low-key protests.

Social architecture is breaking, exacerbated by ecological collapse, political autocracy, corruption, resource starvation, genocide and economically motivated warfare, entrenched poverty, and unbridled inequality. All these negative impacts are avoidable and yet nation-states, most usually the politicians that control them, show varying degrees of reluctance to address these issues when doing so would certainly contribute to the enrichment of humanity as a whole.

With these contentious issues in play, it’s no great challenge to conclude, on the balance of probability, that humanity is at the cusp of a triangulation of marker events likely to precipitate significant social re-alignment not only in Britain but also globally.

Party Politics: By its nature, party politics is divisive and confrontational and more often than not produces results that are neither timely nor in the interests of the country’s citizens. I doubt there is a place for party politics in any properly considered reshaping of democracy.

Revolution: It seems to me that tides are running inexorably towards revolution. In Britain, it is unofficially acknowledged that centralised government can no longer be relied upon to make necessary provisions to sustain daily existence for a growing number of people many of whom are being pushed into relative and absolute poverty. Additionally, it is becoming increasingly obvious that Whitehall’s politically motivated interventions, tightening their control of regional and local councils, are generally obstructive to the needs of the communities they serve. As a result, in most areas of Britain inequalities and divisions are deepening.

Against a background of insipid leadership from all political parties, a significant tipping point will occur when a majority of the population realise that the state is essentially impotent in addressing these pressing issues or continues to ignore them. When confronted by the consolidated will of the population, predictably, even as change becomes inevitable, politicians of every stripe will no doubt exert extraordinary pressure to maintain their version of the status quo, at which point, it is most likely uprisings will quickly escalate into organised and specifically targeted hostility.

Violence on the streets of our towns and cities will be the inevitable result of corrupt and incompetent political leadership.

This is one vision of the near future.

Your thoughts matter. I am looking for solutions, ideas, and progressive thinking. There will be no censorship and no subjects are off-limits, all I ask is that your contributions are relevant and specific to enhancing civilisation in the United Kingdom.

© Rivenrod 2021

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