Swell is the story of a solitary and unremarkable man whose life is anything but ordinary. Abandoned by his father while still a boy, his mother teaches him to be “invisible in plain sight” because survival and playing the game are all that matter. As an adult, the stakes are raised higher and higher. Was it the game that killed him?

Swell is concerned with consequences – cause and effect – it is also about what we don’t see in others; secret lives, hidden from view, never revealed. Anyone who reads Swell, and follows the clues may come to believe it is also about murder.

“A cult masterpiece.” ~ Sam Nash

The central character in Ovular Curios is Rollo Jenks.

There are a few things you need to know about him which set the tone and plot of the novel – he is hugely successful although he came by his fortune almost by accident. He holds strong principles, is wildly intelligent and lives a life which appears to be out of step with his achievements and the world around him. Above all, he is protective and secretive.

Ovular Curios presents a parallel world where spies, murder, big business and powerful ethics collide in a fight for, what, world domination?

This book isn’t finished just yet. I expect it sometime around the end of July or the beginning of September. Until then let me assure you when it is finally done, it will be a damned good read.

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