My background

Brought up in the southeast of England. Schools in Dorset and Berkshire. College in Somerset, University in London – Industrial Design and Art History degrees. Chartered Designer by examination. Widely travelled. Second language, French.

Broad experience in corporate and consultancy roles. Entrepreneurial and innovative.

From 19836 years: Commercial Design and Advertising Agency positions. 1-year secondment to Allied Dunbar.

4 years: Green-field subsidiary start-up and UK Managing Director for Consolidated Nederland/Beheer Group (The Netherlands).

4 years: BT Business Sector Sales Manager. £60m+ annual revenues. Won several national leadership awards.

8 years: Business Development Consultancy. Invented advanced technology security systems, marketed through BT. Other clients included: The Corporation of London, Milford Haven Port Authority, European Defence Commission, KONVER (EU Commission), Comax/The DERA, and The Sultanate of Brunei. Concluding 4 years: BT Business Development Consultancy role: created and established SME Direct business platform, £50m+ annually.

From 20046 years: Principal Partner in BizBuilder UK and Central Communications. Several Trustee and Directorships for 3rd Sector organisations. Businesses sold in 2010/11.

Overseas assignments conducted in: The Netherlands, Mexico, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Brunei, Germany, Italy, Spain, Greece, Belgium, Ireland (USA, South Africa).

To date: Settled into my toughest role as an artist and author.


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