Ovular Curios

The central character in Ovular Curios is Rollo Jenks.

There are a few things you need to know about him which set the tone and plot of the novel – he is hugely successful although he came by his fortune almost by accident. He holds strong principles, is wildly intelligent, and lives a life out of step with his achievements and the world around him. Above all, he is protective and secretive.

Ovular Curios presents a parallel world where spies, murder, big business and powerful ethics collide in a fight for, what, world domination?

This book isn’t finished just yet. I expect it sometime around the end of July or the beginning of September. Until then let me assure you when it is finally done, it will be a damned good read.

© Rod McRiven 2022

Picture: Ovular Curios cover

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